NaijaNavigator Track

NaijaNavigatorTrack provides a real-time view of your key fleet information, as well as rapid access to the relevant activity for the current day. This data includes the current location and speed, as well as the status of any additionally monitored items such as the engine rev’s, driver status, door status (open/closed), temperature, fuel level, etc.

In addition to the status information described above, NaijaNavigatorTrack also provides a highly detailed view of all the current day’s movement, including distances driven, start/stop locations and detailed activity logs and charts, all combining to present you with a one-stop summary of your entire fleet through a single screen.


  • Issues Faced by Business

    Inefficient driver management & inefficient vehicle utilization
    Excessive idling, speeding, and incidents of poor driving
    Lack of real-time information to respond to urgent issues
    Inability to provide adequate monitoring and safety to drivers
  • NaijaNavigator Track Solution

    Real-time information for vehicles, including position, speed and status
    Detailed breakdowns of trips, including speeds and detail of all stop/idling time
    Ability to locate vehicles and calculate closest vehicles to a location
    Detailed breakdowns of trips travelled, including speeds driven and highlighting of all stop/idling time
  • Customer Benefits

    Reduced driver overtime & fewer wasted driving hours
    Reduced spending on fuel & vehicle wear-and-tear
    Reduced reaction and response time to critical events
    Compliance with lone worker regulations

Customer Scenario

Customers using NaijaNavigatorTrack + NaijaNavigatorHistory achieve 10-12 hours of additional utilization time per vehicle per month as a result of increased productivity. At an average cost of N8,000/hour, this means our customers are gaining between N795,000 – N955,000 per vehicle per year.* * This calculation is based on the average utilization gain and revenue per utilization hour of customers surveyed by NaijaNavigator tracking.