NaijaNavigator Alert

NaijaNavigatorAlert provides you with 24/7 monitoring over your fleet and assets, ensuring that you are notified each and every time a vehicle or asset performs a significant event (such as speeding, arriving at a customer location, moving out of work hours, etc). With functionality such as email and SMS notifications,

NaijaNavigatorAlert ensures that you are always up-to-date with all the critical information required to effectively manage and control your fleet and assets.

  • Issues Faced by Business

    Excessive costs as a result of speeding and poor driving style
    Unauthorised use of company vehicles and assets
    Reduced productivity and increased overtime as a result of unauthorised stopping and rest periods
    Slow reaction times to driving transgressions and critical events
  • NaijaNavigator Alert Solution

    24/7 monitoring of your vehicles and drivers with immediate notification of any driving transgressions
    Ability to provide notification if vehicles or assets are used/moved outside of working hour
    Ability to monitor vehicle and asset status at all times, providing notification for any unauthorised changes
    Ability to utilize email and SMS to ensure notifications are received as soon as possible
  • Customer Benefits

    Reduced costs as a result of improved driving styles
    Reduction in private mileage and increase security
    Reduced spending on driver overtime and increased productivity and service levels
    Increased productivity and reduced costs due to swift resolution of issues

Customer Scenario

Customers using NaijaNavigator Alert reduce their mileage-related expenses (fuel + wear-and-tear) by between N80,000 – N106,000 per month as a result of the reduction in private mileage and improved driving style.

This means our customers are saving between N955,000 – N1,300,000 per vehicle per year.This calculation is based on the average monthly saving of customers surveyed by NaijaNavigator tracking.