NaijaNavigator Fuel

As the fuel price continues to rise, so fuel is becoming an increasingly significant cost for every fleet. NaijaNavigatorFuel provides you with detailed reports and graphs to highlight fuel usage and potential waste, as well real-time alerts for any potential issues such as theft, etc.

With NaijaNavigator Fuel, you can take control of of your fuel costs and keep carbon emissions to a minimum

  • Issues Faced by Business

    Excessive costs due to fuel theft and false fuel expense claims
    Excessive fuel usage as a result of poor driving style and lack of vehicle servicing
    Inability to accurately monitor and allocate fuel usage to jobs and customers
  • NaijaNavigator Fuel Solution

    24/7 monitoring for abnormalities such as a rapid fuel decreases as well as the ability to verify fuel charges against fuel expenses
    Reports that highlight instances of poor driving, as well as alerts to warn of upcoming service dates.
    Ability to track the fuel level of a vehicle throughout any journey it has travelled, as well as allocate fuel expenses to jobs and/or customers
  • Customer Benefits

    Reduced expenses through elimination of false fuel claims and fuel theft
    Reduced expenses as a result of improved driving styles and improved service planning
    Increased visibility of fuel levels and fuel usage in a single vehicle, as well as across a fleet

Customer Scenario

Customers using NaijaNavigator Fuel achieve a fuel reduction 15 – 20 litres per vehicle per day as a result of improved driving styles and improved vehicle service schedules. At an average cost of N360 per litre, this means our customers are saving between N1,300,000 – N1,700,000 per vehicle per year.

This calculation is based on the average fuel reduction and fuel cost of customers surveyed by NaijaNavigator tracking.