NaijaNavigator Order

NaijaNavigatorOrder allows you to monitor a driver’s performance against their work schedule, providing a detailed real-time record of exactly when each task on the schedule was started and completed, as well as highlighting which tasks are not yet completed for the current day.

Being able to monitor a driver’s progress in real-time with NaijaNavigatorOrder means better management of your fleet, increased productivity and improved service levels for customers.

  • Issues Faced by Business

    Excessive costs as a result of inefficient order and task assignment
    Low productivity and high costs as a result of poor route planning
    Slow reaction time to customer enquiries regarding driver progress and order completion
  • NaijaNavigator Order Solution

    Ability to graphically view order and task assignment, as well as monitor all order and task updates in real-time
    Ability for drivers to access their schedule through a mobile phone, PDA or NaijaNavigatorGarmin
    Real-time monitoring and updates of driver progress
  • Customer Benefits

    Increased productivity and reduced fuel, mileage and driver costs through more efficient order and task assignment
    Increased productivity and reduced fuel and mileage costs through more efficient route planning
    Greater visibility of delivery progress from start to completion

Customer Scenario

Customers using NaijaNavigator Order achieve a productivity increase of 3 – 5 additional trips per vehicle per month as a result of improved trip allocation.

At an average cost of N20,000 per trip, this means our customers are saving between N716,000 – N1,200,000 per vehicle per year. This calculation is based on the average number of additional trips and revenue gain per trip of customers surveyed by NaijaNavigator tracking.