NaijaNavigator Report

With NaijaNavigator Report, you have access to all your fleet’s activity through a range of over 30 ad-hoc or scheduled reports. NaijaNavigator Report allows you to quickly access any required information in a range of formats (PDF, Excel, CSV or HTML), plus you can schedule reports to be emailed automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

NaijaNavigator Report provides you with full visibility, enabling increased control over your fleet and tighter monitoring of performance and fleet-related expenses.

  • Issues Faced by Business

    Time-consuming calculations of driver hours.
    Inaccurate calculation and allocation of trip-related expenses (driver hours, fuel costs, etc)
    Outdated reporting systems resulting in a lack of visibility and accountability
    Lack of security with regards to access to fleet information
  • NaijaNavigator Report Solution

    Ability to generate driver-related reports, detailing hours worked and distances covered
    Ability to generate detailed activity reports, detailing all incurred costs and driver-related expenses
    Ability to generate over 30 different report in a variety of formats (PDF, Excel, CSV and HTML)
    Ability to limit system users to access only the vehicles and reports they are authorised to view
  • Customer Benefits

    Tighter control over driver hours and reduced administration
    Fast, accurate allocation of trip-related costs to customers
    Increased resource utilization and higher visibility and accountability over fleet activity
    Increased security and greater control over staff

Customer Scenario

Customers using NaijaNavigator Report reduce overtime by 5 – 8 hours per driver per month as a result of accurate time and cost reporting. At an average cost of N4,000/hour, this means our customers are saving between N955,000 – N1,500,000 per driver per year in overtime wages.

This calculation is based on the average overtime reduction and hourly overtime wage of customers surveyed by NaijaNavigator tracking.